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Electric Way, founded in 2003, is an indispensable leader in the region for distribution of cables, industrial lighting fixtures, and electrical systems. A UAE based start-up, has won the trust of customers, the respect of OEMs, and the awe of competitors for ushering a modern way of serving customers in a traditional trade.

Electric Way based in the Techno Park, Dubai has offices in UAE and Saudi Arabia with plans to serve customers in GCC countries soon. A 100,000 sqft facility houses the corporate office, warehouse, workshop and logistics center. Electric Way, known for its technology-driven processes has raised the bar for customer service through its innovative process and pioneered Just-In-Time (JIT) business model in distribution.

Our journey has been peppered with opportunities and challenges in equal measure. The boom years of 2006 saw us grow rapidly and the consequent crash of 2009 saw us hanging by a thread anchored to our core values. We refashioned our business model to sustain and rise again to reap the upswing of 2011. Since then our consistency in product quality and customer service has helped us grow consistently.

In 2016 we inaugurated our new facilities in Jebel Ali and embarked on the path of digital transformation. Our state-of-the-art warehouse gives us an opportunity to innovate our value propositions to serve the emerging needs of our markets. Our innovations include Cable Management, Customer Inventory Management, Assembly and Kitting.

Today we enjoy a leadership position in value distribution business and represent the top-most global brands including Ducab, Saudi Cable, Nexans, Philips, and 3M to name a few. We continue to focus on our core customer segments viz. Construction, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Industrial Projects.

As an ISO 9001 accredited organization, we have established processes for all business activities, and this gives us the ability to provide consistent level of customer service. Our future is secured with the knowledge that we have differentiated ourselves by offering the best of products with unparalleled levels of customer empathy and service.

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